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Christian Renewal: A Guide to True Christian Renewal – Giving them Hope, Answering All their Questions in Life

Whether you are an accomplished person or struggling to make it happen, we all feel human sometimes. In our human life, the battles we fought are sometimes more than what we can handle. This is the perfect moment that we really needed someone, to help us, give us hope, and show us a brighter tomorrow. Every day, we are suffering, fighting our own fights, tired. We might become fatigue while traveling this lonely road, but we have Someone out there, waiting for us. His name is Jesus. It is in Him that we can be renewed again. Whether you are tired of life, worn out, hopeless, and disappointed with everything that is happening around you, He is our hope.

It is also our desire to help you to be freed from your struggles, to give your life an opportunity to renew things. All the information and tips we have prepared for you are what can bring your peace in your heart to a reality. There is always a challenge in moving forward with your faith, because it takes faith to move. Faith can’t be answered by science and reasons. Faith is altogether different yet powerful. Faith can’t be learned from schools, it can only be learned by knowing Him more. By attending the Water from Rock Phoenix Bible Study Program we can be assured that our Christian renewal will be a turning point in our lives, for a better tomorrow. If you are interested to learn more, you can go here!

The first step to renewal is to know thy weaknesses and to understand why you have it. You have to find out why you are tired, fatigue, and disappointed spiritually. You have to understand that by knowing your weaknesses, you open up immediate answers to your questions. Once you recognized your weaknesses, you can come to Him to ask for strength. He will gladly resupply your arms, your feet, your body, your heart and soul with the strength you will need. Your life will be renewed in an instant, no need to get into a graduation ceremony or to pay for things. All your pasts and guilt are gone away, never to be remembered again. And you will enter rest.

The rest that you have found will be prominent in your life, like a flowing river. It is the root of all your potential, for the future. Whether you are caught up in the business of life, meeting deadlines, fulfilling responsibilities, we are human and we need rest. We don’t mean not being alive; we mean a peaceful soul. It should be someone who can guide you and open your heart to the possibilities of life.

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